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Name:no personal business on company pond
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Lima, Ohio, United States of America

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abs, animal hoarders, betsy ross upskirt photos, blaine's mouth/everyone's mouth, breadstix, confetti cannons, eggos, everyone/alcohol, everyone/everyone, failure, finn hudson in glasses, finn/just stop, forever alone, froggy lips, gold shorts, gold stars, golden retriever puppies, grilled cheesus, hair jokes, headbands, inappropriate boundaries, insults, james earl jones impressions, kurt/superiority, literally shitting themselves, megaphones, mercedes/plotline, mike chang dancing, puck/tears, rachel/talent, red wine, sam/everyone, sam/impressions, santana/breadstix, sex riots, slow-motion humiliation, sue/relevance, tasting like pink, tots, tracksuits, vests, will/misery, will/sue's phone, you have no proof
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