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This was a messy episode, and I mean that in the best possible way. So often this show takes the easy way out with its characterization and plots (especially when it chooses not to have either) that when it makes decisions that aren't easy, and doesn't fully resolve them, I'm impressed and pleased. Honestly, I can't remember the last episode that was this constantly emotionally complicated - sure, we get scenes here and there pretty often, but usually not throughout the whole hour. It felt written, you know? Like, not just thrown together at the last minute with a hot glue gun and a few shakes from a glitter can, per vintage RIB. I loved it. Unreservedly, absolutely loved it.

I have a lot of Quinn feelings. More than last week, even, which I thought would be hard to do - I'm fascinated by what's happening with her character. Which is not to say at all that I agree with what she's doing. I cringed at so much of what she said tonight, especially her line to Shelby about Shelby not being Beth's mother, and then, of course, the "we're going to get full custody" comment to Puck at the end. But it fits with what we know about her, from the little consistent characterization we've had for Quinn: she's ruthless when she wants to be, because it's what she's learned is the most effective at getting her what she thinks she wants. I rolled my eyes a little when we saw blonde!Quinn asking if she could rejoin the glee club, because it figures, this show wrapping everything up in a nice bow without addressing a lot of the issues brought up - but she's actually not on board, and she's going after something that's just a terrible idea and will almost definitely hurt everyone involved. I can't wait (and I feel kind of awful about that, to be honest).

Puck Puckerman continues his ascent to the top of my heart, and I'm pretty sure that clownpig was the final step onto the summit. That scene with Shelby and Beth was such a perfect combination of Mark's lolacting and his ~natural rapport with babies, and his efforts to get clean and smart for the baby, just. You guys, he learned about Napoleon for Beth.

Will was - probably the least terrible he's been since BIOTA, in my opinion. Yeah, that outburst at Quinn was not great, for many reasons, chiefly among them timing, tone and textbook lack of self-awareness in telling someone else they need to grow up (and also WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THAT YOU'RE YELLING AT A STUDENT IN FRONT OF SUE SYLVESTER AND A CAMERA). Not to mention taking out his anger with Sue on a student for the second time in two weeks. But a lot of what he said was, imo, accurate, and even though it was inappropriately delivered, it laid out some actual boundaries and consequences for Quinn in a way I think she was implicitly asking for. And he actually showed some interest in pedagogy, which, okay, it was only booty camp, but BABY STEPS. Not the worst! Well done, Will!

Wow, this is already massively tl;dr, but I ain't curr, feelings.

I felt for Kurt, man. The stuff on gender performance and passing was right up my alley as a topic, anyway, but Chris Colfer hit that whole subplot out of the park - that scene where he was overhearing Beiste, Emma and Artie talking? His face was amazing. And I loved that even though Burt delivered the lesson at the end, with "you are who you are and that's great," it wasn't resolved successfully for Kurt - sure, he's a unicorn, and proud of it, but it still means getting overlooked and framed in certain ways that he isn't okay with. I hope like hell he gets cast as Tony.

My theory about Sue is that she's a million times more interesting when she's interacting with ND, rather than kept in adult isolation, and I think this episode was a perfect test case for that. The Quinn and Sue scene in the beginning was good, imo - but the scene in the teacher's lounge? Boring. I'm hoping all this fuck-the-arts build-up is going somewhere fun, because so far it's been a wash.

Loved Brittany and Santana. Loved Brittany's struggle with not feeling smart, loved Santana actually being supportive and caring, loved that Brittany's taking the plunge and challenging herself. It's probably the most I've enjoyed Britt since "Comeback," actually.

Other things:

- I liked Finn this week, way more than I have in a long time (with the exception of that "nothing good came out of New York" comment in the beginning). He seemed like he enjoyed working on that car, and even though it was completely IC for Rachel to see staying in Lima and being a mechanic as "settling," I hope that if that's what makes Finn happy, that's what he ends up doing.

- Currently shipping Puck/Shelby like I'm getting paid to do it.

- If those unicorn posters were supposed to be the "true" representation of Kurt, I'm not seeing it. That was some Lisa Frank swag, and about as far from Kurt Hummel's taste as you can get.

What'd you guys think? Did any of you not like the episode? Are y'all as excited by the preview for next week as I am? Will singing "Fix You" is just the flawless cherry on his douche cake, and Rachel/Mercedes diva battles, yesssss. Can't wait. (Also, I'm gonna try not putting this behind friends lock, like I usually do, on the off-chance that there are other folks out there who also might want to talk about the episode? I'm pretty sure that next to no one's really reading this journal who isn't already my friend, but just in case, I'd love to read any and all thoughts. ♥)
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